The Unlikely Preacher

I’m Patrick Vaughn, The Unlikely Preacher.

Have you ever noticed how God tends to show up in our lives through unlikely people and in unlikely places?

I am continually awed by how God catches us off guard, surprises us, delights us, and challenges us in ways that ever stretch our faith.

The Unlikely Preacher is born out of my passion to explore with you the unlikely God we find in Jesus. Through a series of videos called The Unlikely Minute, I share short reflections on this unlikely God. You can use the form on the right to subscribe.

Maybe you were raised in a church. Maybe you have never been to a church. Maybe you have vowed never to return to a church. Whether your experience of Christian faith has been, positive or negative, together we might just discover anew God’s presence in the world.

Because I deeply enjoy meeting new people, I would love to hear from you. What are the questions, issues, joys or concerns that you would like to see us consider in the Unlikely Minute?

One final word: People tell me I am a wonderful story teller, and I enjoy speaking to groups both small and large. (One of my previous churches averaged 25 in worship; another averaged 600). I keep the Unlikely Preacher separate from my ministry with my remarkable congregation, Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church. They are my top priority, but, as time allows, I do accept invitations to speak to other gatherings and organizations. If you are interested, just drop me a note!